About Us


Konkani Association of Australia (KAA) is a community membership association and was established in March 2011 in Sydney, Australia.

The Association promotes Konkani language, tradition and culture. Konkani people hail from the Konkan coast along the west coast of India through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. Konkanas from each of these regions have adapted to local customs, traditions, languages and religions.

This association celebrates all these nuances and welcomes as members anyone with an interest in understanding and learning more about these.

The Association is a support structure for those of Konkani heritage and provides events and activities that support Konkani people to preserve their culture, language and tradition while assimilating as Australians.

This is an Incorporated Association. INC 9894947; ABN: 59 514 776 576.


Committee Members for 2024 - 2025


 Avinash Shenoy

 Vice President

 Pradeep De


 Shivangi Rath


 Rasika Kini

 Membership Director

 Lakshmi Pai

 Events Director

 Rasika Kini

 Public Officer

 Avinash Shenoy

 Web Master

 Shivangi Rath

 Fundraising Director

 Avinash Shenoy