Our Migration Story


We are so very excited to launch Stage 2 of our Konkani Migration History project! This project documents your family history for future generations to access. We hope that every member family will participate.

See details below.

Introduction: The Konkani Association of Australia commenced an ambitious project to document our migration story to Australia. The project aims to document the migration story of each of our member families. We expect to document family origins, datelines, professions, educational qualifications, contributions to society, family anecdotes and photographs. This information will be compiled into a book along with an introduction that documents the history of the origin of the Konkani people and our migration through India. Some stories have been collected and published in previous issues of Amgel Khabbar already.

The questionnaire: This year, in the second stage of the project, we are distributing a questionnaire for you, our members, to complete and return to us. You can make this as short or as rich as you want to. Don’t worry too much about the quality of your English or story telling ability – we will polish and refine it to be a story you can be proud to tell. You can use this as the base for writing a more detailed family history for your own family to keep. We will be showcasing a few of these stories in upcoming Amgel Khabbar issues also.

Publication: We expect to publish the book in time for our year-end event. A copy each will be gifted to the NSW State Library and National Library for preservation as part of Australia’s migration history. Books will be available for sale for you to keep in your family archives or distribute to your family here and overseas.

Your participation: If your family would like to participate in this project and be a proud part of our collective story please complete the questionnaire. You may want to just spend 10 minutes a day putting this together until you have it done or sit down for an hour or so each week to do this. Please return the completed questionnaire to migration@konkani.org.au by 29th May 2022. We will send you the edited story for approval before publication.

Pre-requisite: If you are not a member and would like to include your family’s history please click here to become a member as this is a pre-requisite for inclusion in this project.

Join our project team: If you feel inspired by this project, have good English writing skills and would like to be part of this project team please let us know at migration@konkani.org.au.

REGISTER NOW: Please register your interest to be included in the book by forwarding this email with your Firstname and Lastname to migration@konkani.org.au before 24th April 2022.

QUESTIONNAIRE: Click Here to download the questionnaire.

Should you have any questions or need more information please contact our project manager, Anita Prabhu, at migration@konkani.org.au.