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Quizz held at picnic on 23rd Feb 2020:

Section 1:  Amchigele shabda ending in “do’ eg: Sweet – “Undo””


1 Palm tree Maddo
2 Grinding stone Ragado
3 Sweet made by folding a chapatti Mando
4 Male of cow Paddo
5 Male of buffalo Raddo
6 Not intelligent Duddo
7 Short person Guddo
8 A kind of flower Gondo
9 Tip of a husked coconut Shendo
10 Servant Chado
11 Betel leaves in puja Veedo
12 Worms Keedo
13 Pack of dhotis Mundo
14 A gap Yado
15 Milk sweet Pado


Section 2: Amchigele shabda ending in “li” eg: yesterday – “kaali”

1 Sweet made on a leaf Pattoli
2 Coconut scrape Kattali
3 Raw Mango Ambuli
4 Pancake Surnali
5 Navel Bombuli
6 Millipede Gontarli
7 Garden Lizard Parli
8 Dragon Fly Girgitli
9 Festival Divali
10 Savoury Chakkuli
11 Tickling Kachkuli
12 Coin Pavli
13 Chain Sarpali
14 Blanket Kambali
15 Scented Parmboli

Section 3: Idioms (gyadi) e.g. Everyone thinks their own kids are the best “Kaile peela kailaka chanda”


  1. The curry is sour or spoilt                

           Raanday ullaita assa


      2. Try to help & cause a problem for oneself.            

          Baddi divnu Petta khavchen


  1. A relatively inexpensive thing costs more to maintain.    

          Chaar ane kunkdaka bara ane masolu


  1. Make a mistake inspite of having foreseen the consequences.

          Ratri pallaye baintu divsa vocchunu podchen.


  1. A useless thing being advertised as a posh item.

          Bhanksheri Ungtika jari border.


  1. Hard work produces rewards.

          Chakra Kelyari Bhakri ass.


  1. Sincere efforts should not be discouraged.

          Chodche vaali katurche nhai.


  1. Retaliation for an offence has to be appropriate.

          Sunane chable mhonu sunake ghasu marche.


  1. Some people are never content and complain constantly.

          Dukraka possunka vheleri radta ani marunka vheleri radta.


  1. Abandoning work midway can be disasterous.

          Ardha madder chonu hath sodche nhai.


  1. Do not anticipate bad things too much. Meet danger when it comes.

           Phalle marta mhonu ajichi phonda podche ve?


  1. Contribute to making a situation worse.

          Ujjeri toopa rokoche


  1. Any honest work should not be considered beneath one’s dignity.

          Aavalo vikkunu ailo duddu khorzukhainati.


  1.  Any excuse to claim sickness.

          Aarti ghetleri Ushna, tirtu pillyari saitya